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Listening Advice

Basic Steps For Tuning In To 
EWTN Global Catholic Radio shortwave signal.

1. Always try to position your radio near a window for better reception if you do not have a external antenna.
2. Check your radio settings.
3. Turn on the power and check the display.
4. Press the SW button (On some may be the AM button).
5. Press the Freq button.
6. Press the numeric buttons for the frequency you want
to listen to, for example (7-4-2-5 for 7425 kHZ).
7. Press the ENTER button.

How To Improve Reception Quality

A number of variables can affect how well
EWTN Global Catholic Radio's shortwave signal 
comes in on your radio :

Time of day
Atmospheric conditions
Your geographic location
Where your radio is in your home
Type of building you are in
Type of radio you have
Radio settings

Place your radio near a window and use a retractable antenna or also known as a pocket roll-up antenna , You can also use an outdoor antenna. Fortunately, shortwave antennas are uncomplicated and easy to install. They can be as simple as a length of copper wire hung outside your window with a plug on the end to fit your radio antenna jack or even an alligator clip that will clip to your telescoping antenna.


While nothing can guarantee protection against lightning strikes, always disconnect your antenna from your shortwave radio during storms.



Program Schedule
What's playing on EWTN Global Catholic Radio.

Frequency Guide
Find out where EWTN Global Catholic Radio's signal is on your shortwave.

Live broadcast of EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network over the Internet.

Radio General Information
A list of EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network AM/FM radio stations.
Helpful hints and information about EWTN Global Catholic Radio shortwave.

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